Smart Energy Transformation

Smart Energy Transformation

HOFIGAL EXPORT IMPORT SA implements project no. 2020/516026 entitled Smart Energy Transformation HOFIGAL - Increasing the Energy Efficiency and Energy Security.

The project is financed under the Financial Mechanisms European and Norwegian Economic Area 2014-2021, Energy program in Romania, Field of interest: Energy efficiency.

The total value of the approved grant is 289.600,00 euros covering 39,81 % of the total estimated costs of the project. The Project Promoter's own contribution to this project is in the amount of 437.925,00 euros, representing 60,19 % of the contract value.

The general objectives of the project are:

  1. Reduction by 60% of thermal energy consumption for heating 7 buildings by replacing the energy obtained from gas with the energy produced from pellets obtained from plant waste.
  2. Reduction of electricity consumption by installing a new energy source based on synthetic gas (pyrolysis gas) and optimizing the active and reactive energy consumption by modernizing the transformer station and introducing the intelligent electricity management system.
  3. Adapting the existing infrastructure to the new technology implemented by the project and ensuring the quality of energy and energy security of the company from production and consumption. Introducing energy management as a working method to ensure energy quality and energy security of the company.

The investment involves the HOFIGAL EXPORT IMPORT SA.

The project is implemented by HOFIGAL EXPORT IMPORT SA.


Project Promoter


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